Walking Tour to be a Scaled-Down Open-House



The annual Walking Tour of the Inns has been rescheduled for tonight — sort of.

“Some of the hotels are having an open-house tonight, even though we’re not really calling it Walk of the Inns,” said Laura Ramstead, general manager for the Del Marcos Hotel.

The annual tour of 17 small hotels in the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood was canceled last Thursday due to rain. The hope was that organizers could reschedule for today. However, most of the hotels were unable to reschedule, prompting Ramstead to turn the event into a simple, open-house for those able to participate.

“We’ll still have the maps here at the starting point and I’ll have the participating hotels circled,” she explained.The open-house runs from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

As of Thursday morning, Del Marcos Hotel, Korakia Pensione, Chase Hotel, Palm Springs Woman’s Club and McCallum Adobe, (home to the Palm Springs Historical Society,) will be open to walkers wanting a peek. Though more could be added.

“We decided, next year, we’re going to have it rain or shine, because it’s too difficult to reschedule,” Ramstead said.